Artificial Ice

artificial ice

What is Artificial Ice?
Artificial ice is a synthetic plastic surface specifically formulated for ice skating. The surface consists of interlocking panels which have been lubricated to allow for normal ice skates to glide easily across the surface. Our Artificial Ice is the very latest in ice surface technology, the scientifically engineered molecular structure provides optimum glide.

How does it install?
Our Artificial Ice is very easy to install. The surface interlocks together easily via dovetail connections.  In minutes you can have a ice skating rink up and running just about anywhere. A flat surface is required for installation.

Does the weather affect the skating surface?
Our Artificial Ice is not affected by temperature or weather conditions. The ice surface can be used indoors or outdoors.

What kind of skates do I use?
The same skates you use on real ice. Your choice of hockey or figure skates, it is important the blades are sharp for optimal skating on our surface. The ice will not damage the skates or blades, however more frequent blade sharpenings will be required compared with real ice.

Why is this surface considered environmentally friendly?
A typical community ice arena uses between 600,000 and 2,000,000 kWh of electricity per year, plus ice rinks and ice resurfacing consume on average 3,300,000 gallons of water per year, conserving these natural resources helps the environment. No toxic refrigerants or chemicals are required and since a Zamboni is not required there are no emissions. The ice surface is fully recyclable.

Is anything applied to the surface?
A non-toxic and environmentally friendly glide enhancer solution is sprayed on to the surface periodically to enhance the glide of the blade.  

Does it feel like real ice?
The ice surface feels 10-15% slower with more resistance than skating on typical refrigerated ice, and feels much like skating on a frozen pond. 

Is a Zamboni needed?
No Zamboni is needed,  just water and a gentle cleanser periodically when needed or powerwashing. It is important to stay off the ice when wearing shoes, dirt is attracted to the surface easily.

Can I play hockey on it?
All hockey maneuvers can be performed on the surface. In fact the surface is used for training to build longer, more powerful, and explosive strides that are immediately noticed when the hockey player steps back on real ice.

Can I figure skate on it?
Our competitive figure skaters have performed moves as difficult as advanced triple jumps on our rinks.

What size does it come in?
The surface is fully customizable, it comes in 4' x 8' sheets which weigh 80 pounds each. A typical size rink for artificial ice is 30' x 40'.

What types of venues has the artificial ice been in?
Our Artificial Ice has been used in ballrooms, theme parks, theaters, convention centers, malls, parks, corporate headquarters, private homes, casinos, outdoor festivals and even on board the USS Intrepid.

Where does the surface ship to?
Our surface is conveniently located in New Jersey and ships all over the world. We can provide installation or you can opt for 'do it yourself' options.